domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014

when BRASIL meets LVMH's Jardin d'Acclimatation, Paris.


The goal: transform an historical garden, Le Jardin d'Acclimatation in Paris, into a part of BRAZIL,  from 11th April till 12th May 2014.

Three months of intense creativity, work and dedication of a hole team to surprise the visitors. It happened as imagined, each time they blinked their eyes... Each single element of the project was introduced to make the public dream and imagine how could be their own Brazil.

The idyllic garden’s scene gets transformed into an Sculpture-Design-Graffiti-Illustration-Photography Garden. It strongly welcomes music, dance and gastronomy.

The brazilian sponsorship is Embratur. 

The final selection of the works is responsibility of the organizer and LVMH. 
The responsible person to the hole project is Amanda Rostello Monteiro.
Daniela Busarello is the architect scenographer which project follows...


BRAZILIAN SOUL is the name for the stands where the visitors could experiment craftsmanship, gastronomy, art, design and fashion. The promenade and its scenography inspire and stimulate the public to explore and to create a patchwork of sensations. It incorporates Art, design, popular traditions and primitive brazilian roots, all representative from the contemporary and multicultural BRAZIL.

Here focus on the roots of brazilian architecture, the "taipa", a technique used in most simple homes, built in clay and small wood branches. This system of construction has a beautiful structure of branches that here are symbolized by the perforated OSB panels.

At the same time it's a tribute to the muxarabis, a typical façade element used on brazilian modern architecture. The perforated panels are in harmony to the environment: the transparence of the walls and roofs creates an effect of light and shadow that draws around all the space. It allows to create a perimeter without being imposing. 
It is possible to see through and be in contact with the green all the time.


A ÁRVORE : The colorful trees are the symbol of abundance and exuberance.



The sun is the the biggest symbol of brazilian energy and happiness of brazilian people. There were 365 YELLOW sunshades split all over the Park. People were sitting, reading, talking, enjoying the time becoming a bit brazilians.

read the BAMBOO magazine report here



From outside it is a multicolor box in a graphic design: a metaphor to the sun shadows and lightning.

Inside a dark introspective space to focus the visitor into an intimate experience: 
- the forest, it's sound and vegetation, inside bacsacs.
- the water, Iguaçu Falls photos and sound between mirrors and a labyrinth, sponsored by Itaipu.
- the happiness of the country with its festivities, football, music and joy: photos and sound.
* all sounds by Marcos Azambuja.


REDARIO, the Pantanal Place.


CATAVENTOS the brazilian childhood souvenir in motion.

It’s an installation in front of the volière where all birds are to delight the kids. The installation counts with more then 1500 cataventos in different highs from 70cm till 180 cm in three well recognized colors: green, yellow and blue. It draws the brazilian flag on a zoom. Green for hope, Yellow for abundance and Blue for the sky. 

@dreams, akira kurosawa.


CHITAMANIA the brazilian fabric.

the scenography plan :

The Jardin d'Acclimatation is the most ancient garden in Paris, founded by Napoleon III, in 1858. 

The total area has 15 hectares. 

invited artists: 

Araquém Alcântara, photographer

Gabriel Dietrich, designer

Marcelo Jacome, architect and artist

Paulo Mariotti, illustrator

Rimon Guimarães, urban artist

Zanine de Zanini Caldas, designer


RFI international:listen to the radio report here: RFI


VINGT PARIS:reportage about Daniela Busarello.



brazilian born,
parisian as adoption ,
italian intermittent.
my work’s source is the cosmopolitan
universe, the richness and
multi-culture of it.
Objects, handcraft, gastronomy,
colors, art and landscape ...
are the inspiration’s source that 
allows me to create a comfortable
and unique space for each project,
a 3D poetry that i draw for and with
my clients.

A single story each time…